"I've got somewhere that i call home now...is this really where I belong?"

Making My Own Way, Nina Vasu

24 year old singer/songwriter Nina Vasu has always found the word ‘home’ to be a difficult one. With roots in both Sweden and India, and having spent her formative years in four different countries; the sense of belonging everywhere and nowhere has always been the driving force in her music. Currently, Nina resides in the UK. 

‘Home’ is a significant part of a person’s identity. Due to this, Nina has struggled with the concept of who she is - which is why she finds that communicating about acceptance and belonging to be of importance to her. She hopes that through the underlying messages in her music she can connect to others like her –in order to let them know that “no matter how lost we may feel, we can know that we’re not alone, and that we all have a place in this world”.

Influenced by country and pop music by the likes of Taylor Swift, Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris - Nina’s style combines the best aspects of the two genres - country’s knack for simple, honest lyrics, and pop’s catchy melodies.

In 2017, Nina released her debut single 'Band Aid', and followed up in 2018 with her next single 'Purple Skies'. In 2019 she collaborated with Kevin Fernando to release the pop track entitled 'Want You Near'. She is currently in the process of recording new music - coming soon!